Seventh International Huaxia Congress of Endocrinology
30 November – 2 December 2012
New Wing, Hong Kong Convention and
Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Scientific Program

Nov 30, 2012 (Friday)

1300 - 1700
1530 - 1800
Endocrine Disruptors Symposium
Jointly organized by HKSEMR and School of Biological Sciences,
University of Hong Kong

Chairmen: Rudolf Wu, Guang Ning

  1. Kenneth Korach: Using Knock-out Mice to Understand Toxicological Mechanisms
  2. Shuk-Mei Ho: Bisphenol A and Prostate Cancer Risk: From Model Systems to Human Disease
  3. Ta-Chen Su: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Health in Young Taiwanese Cardiovascular Cohort Study
  4. Yufang Bi: Relationship of Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration with Risk for Prevalent Type 2 Diabetes in Chinese Adults
  5. Wei Ge: Neonatal Exposure to BPA Mimics the Effects of Estradiol on Pituitary Gonadotropin Expression, Sex Differentiation and Ovarian Growth but not Hepatic Growth in the Zebrafish
  6. Chris Wong : Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, the Exposure and Their Multiple Effects on Reproductive Dysfunction
1800 - 1830 Opening Ceremony
1830 - 1915 Cocktail Reception
1915 - 2000 Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly Cocktail Symposium

Chairman: John Ma

John Prins: DPP-4 Inhibitors: Raising Expectations


Dec 1, 2012 (Saturday)

  N201B N201A N211-2
0830 - 0900 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Karen Lam
Willa Hsueh : Immunocbiology of Adipose Tissue in Obesity
0900 - 0930 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Ching-Chung Chang
Guang Ning : Menin: From Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 1 to Metabolic Homostasis
0930 - 1030
Oral Presentations:
Diabetes Mellitus

Chairmen: Wing-Sun Chow, Weiqing Wang
  1. Lei Zhang: The cost of hospitalization as a share of personal income decreases between 2007-2010 in Chinese patients with diabetes
  2. Jieli Lu: Association of previous schistosome infection with diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  3. Xin Gao: Piglitazone versus berberine for treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients with impaired glucose regulation or type 2 diabetes mellitus
  4. Yaping Hao: Glycated albumin levels are associated with coronary artery disease in Chinese individuals
  5. Yuying Zhang: The association between borderline ankle-brachial index (AB) with Micro- and Macrovascular disease in Chinese type 2 diabetes patients
Oral Presentations:
Cellular Signaling

Chairmen: Wai-Sum O, Simon Au
  1. Tsz -Yan Cheung: Studies of bisphenol A on E-cadherin, beta-catenin expression and trophoblastic spheroids attachment onto endometrial cells in vitro
  2. Kit-Yan To: Orphan nuclear receptor NUR77 activates a positive feedback loop in beta-catenin signaling under hypoxia
  3. Yingxian Chen: Exchange protein directly activated by cAMP 1 is involved in β3-adrenergic induction of brown adipose tissue in white adipose tissue
  4. Ana WY Cheong: The estrogen-regulated let-7a plays a pivotal role during blastocyst activation via its effect on v3
  5. Wenwu Dong: Clinical and biological significance of estrogen receptor (ER) β2/βcx expression in papillary thyroid cancer
  6. Shao C Lee: Free fatty acid-evoked non-apoptotic DNA damage - a biological link between diabetes, obesity and cancer
(0930 - 0955)

Chairman: Shing-Chung Siu

Raymond Li:
Approach to the Infertile Couple

1030 - 1100 Tea Break& Poster Viewing  
1100 - 1230
Diabetes Mellitus Symposium
(Sponsored by Novo Nordisk)

Chairmen: John Ma, Shih-Te Tu
  1. Nanwei Tong: Stratifying and Tailoring HbA1c Control Target for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: Consensus of the Chinese Society of Endocrinology
  2. Jyuhn-Huarng Juang: Current Status of Islet Imaging
  3. Alice Kong: Clinical Relevance of Low Glycemic Index Diet in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Control
  4. Kathryn Tan: Soluble Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-products in Diabetes
Endocrine Tumour Symposium

Chairmen: Yuqian Bao, Jenny Leung
  1. Gilberto Leung: Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery - Applications, Advantages and Pitfalls
  2. Harn-Shen Chen: The Role of GH & IGF-1 in the Management of Patients with Acromegaly after Trans-sphenoidal Surgery
  3. Yiming Mu: Effects of LRP16 on Endocrine-related Tumors
  4. Brian Lang: Current Issues in the Surgical Management of Neuroendocrine Tumours
Diabetes Educators Workshop:

Becoming a Diabetes Educator- from Practice to Accreditation

Aih-Yu Chen,
Qingqing Lou
Yin Wong,

Qingyun Chen,
Sih-Yu Chen,
Tracy Lau,
Su-Yen Liu,
Karen Wong,
Danyu Zhang
1230 - 1400
Novartis Lunch Symposium

Chairman: Brian Lang, Yu-Cho Woo
  1. Tony Shek: Adoption of an Unified Pathology Template on Neuroendocrine Tumour in Hong Kong - Standardizing the Pathology Reports
  2. Roland Leung : Latest Clinical Evidences on Neuroendocrine Tumour Management
Eli Lilly Lunch Symposium

Chairman: Karen Lam

Guntram Schernthaner:
Insulin Initiation: When Oral Antidiabetic Therapy Alone No Longer Provides Adequate Glyceamic Control
1400 - 1500
Huaxia Diabetes Forum:
Diabetes Screening and Diagnosis

Panel: Guang Ning, Peter Tong, Shih-Te Tu,
Moderator: Andrea Luk
Oral Presentations:
Novel Biomarkers

Chairmen: Cheung-Hei Choi, Kin-Wah Chan

  1. Paul Lee: Elevated circulating adipocyte-fatty acid binging protein levels predict incident cardiovascular events in a community-based cohort: A 12-year prospective study
  2. Xinting Yu: Brest milk ghrelin, adoipmetom, leptin, and insulin levels in gestational diabetes
  3. Xiaojing Ma: Research on retinol binding protein 4 and coronary artery disease
  4. Hongmei Yan: Relationship between serum retinol binding protein 4 and hepatic fat content and abdominal visceral Fat in subjects
  5. Yen-Lin Chen: The effect of chromium on inflammatory markers, 1st and 2nd phase insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes
Oral Presentations:
Adrenal Disorders & Diabetes

Chairmen: Emmy Lau, Ka-Kui Lee
  1. Weiqing Wang: Prevalence of and risk factors for primary aldosteronism among patients with resistant hypertension in China
  2. Shiwu Cheng: Analysis of metabolic disorder and cardiovascular risk factors in 267 patients with Cushing's syndrome
  3. Victor HF Hung: The incidence of adrenal insufficiency in newly diagnosed primary lung carcinoma
  4. Tiange Wang: Low serum prolactin associates with type 2 diabetes and impaired glucose regulation in middle-ages and elderly adults
  5. Joseph GS Tsun: Serum capacity to induce adenosine triphosphate binding cassette transporter G1-mediated cholesterol efflux is decreased in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy
  6. Jing Liu: Association between calpain 10 gene polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus among the Dongxiang Nationality in Gansu Province
1500 - 1530 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: William Yeung

Suk-Mei Ho : Estrogen Receptor-beta: From Upstream Regulation to Downstream Mediators
1530 - 1600 Tea Break& Poster Viewing  
1600 - 1630
Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Guang NING

Ming-Chia Hsieh: Prevention of Diabetic Nephropathy in Asian
1630 -1800
Paediatric Endocrinology Symposium
(Sponsored by Genzyme-Sanofi)

Chairmen: Elaine Kwan, Ching-Yin Lee
  1. Han-Wook Yoo: The Endocrinologist's Role in the Management of Treatable Lysosomal Storage Diseases
  2. Xiaoping Luo: Management of Central Precocious Puberty
  3. Kah-Yin Loke: Transitional Management for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  4. Pik-To Cheung: The Reversible Hypogonadisms
Osteoporosis & Bone Metabolism Symposium
(Sponsored by GSK)

Chairmen: Kam-Tsun Tang, Yuxiu Li
  1. Keh-Sung Tsai: Osteoporosis in Chinese societies: Changing Epidemiology and Treatment Modalities
  2. Jawl-Shan Hwang: Guidelines for the Management of Osteoporosis in Taiwan
  3. Zhifeng Sheng: Obesity is not Protective Against Osteoporosis and Fractures
  4. Tai-Pang Ip: A 15-year Experience of Osteoporosis Treatment in Hong Kong

Chairman: SC Tiu

Zhengpei Zeng:
Diagnosis and Management of Pheochromocytoma/ Paraganglioma
1800 - 1900 MSD Cocktail Symposium

Chairman: Kathryn Tan

Peter Tong: DPP-IV inhibitor - Is it more than HbA1c reduction?


Dec 2, 2012 (Sunday)

  N201B N201A N211-2
0830 - 0930  
Oral Presentations:
Thyroid Disorders

Chairmen: Jen-Der Lin, Annette Tso

  1. Gang Liu: Thyroid volume, boiter prevalence rate and selenium levels in a iodine sufficiency area
  2. Laixiang Lin: Reference interval for thyroid hormones of 8-10 years aged school children
  3. Li Li: Research on effect of estrogen receptor-α/β activation on the development of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis
  4. Yushu Li: Defective expression of regulatory B cells iniodine induced autoimmune thyroiditis in nonobese diabetic. H-2h4 Mice
  5. Le Zhang: Effect of maternal excessive iodine intake on neurodevelopment and cognitive function in rat offspring
Oral Presentations:
Obesity & Adipokins

Chairmen: Alice Wong, Calvin Lee

  1. Chunhong Yu: Cathepsin C cleaves mouse chemerin to novel derived peptide MC-20, with potent activity toward CMKLR1
  2. Ruby LC Hoo: Pharmacological inhibition of adipocyte fatty acid binding protein alleviated both acute liver injury and non-Alcoholic steatohepatitis in mice
  3. Tuo Deng: Adipocyte major histocompatibility complex class II (MHCII) is involved in obesity induced inflammation
  4. Hannan XY Hui: Adipocyte-selective disruption of SIRT1 accelerates obesity and aging induced systemic insulin resistance through modulation of adipose tissue macrophage
  5. Lei Li: Suppression of gonadal steroidogenesis by Novel adipokine chemerin: A bridge between obesity and fertility
0930 - 1000
Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Low-Tone Ho

Guangwei Li: The Da Qing Diabetes Prevention Outcome Study Update:
Long-Term Effect of Lifestyle Interventions to Prevent Diabetes and its Complications

1000 - 1030 Tea Break & Poster Viewing  
1030 - 1200
Endocrine Genetics Symposium

Chairmen: Juliana Chan, Tjin-Shing Jap

  1. Pei-Lung Chen: Genetic Study of Graves' Disease
  2. Tjin-Shing Jap: Hypophosphatemicricket
  3. Chloe Mak: Genetic Diagnosis of Endocrine Disorders
  4. Weiqing Wang: Hyperaldosteronism - Basic and Clinical Research in Mainland China
Thyroid Disorders Symposium

Chairmen: Kam-Tsun Tang, Vincent Yeung

  1. Annie Kung: Latest Advances in Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis
  2. Jen-Der Lin: Gender-specific Variation in the Prognosis of Papillary Thyroid Cancer TNM Stages II to IV
  3. Chun-Yau Lo: Approaches to Thyroid Nodule
  4. David Siu: The Thyroid, the Heart: The Master and the Servant

Chairman: Kam-Piu Lau

Wayne Sheu:
Diabetes Management and Hypoglycemia: What Have We Learned?
1200 - 1230 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Rosie Young

Ernest Ng : Role and Use of Anti-Mullerian Hormone in
Reproductive Medicine
1230 - 1400 Abbott Lunch Symposium

Chairman: Man-Wo Tsang

Wayne Sheu: Transculturalization of a Diabetes Specific Nutrition Algorithm
Sanofi Lunch Symposium

Chairman: Ip-Tim Lau

  1. Ronald Ma: Evidence from, and Clinical Implications of the ORIGIN Study
  2. Juliana Chan: Early use of Insulin versus DPPIV Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Inadequately Controlled with Metformin
1400 - 1500 Huaxia Thyroid Forum:
Treatment of Thyrotoxicosis

Panel: Annie Kung, Bingyin Shi, Pei-Wen Wang

Moderator: Chun-Yip Yeung
Oral Presentations:
Diabetes & Related Complications

Chairman: Ying-Wai Ng, June Li

  1. Lei Zhang: Addition of liraglutide improves metabolic control in patients with type 2 diabetes failing on oral hypoglycaemic agents
  2. Yifei Mo: Glycemic variability is associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetes
  3. Elaine Cheung: Liquid meal replacement (MR) and glucose excursion in type 1 diabetes subjects
  4. Fang Liu: H2S donor improves wound healing via restoration of Endothelial progenitor cell functions in type 2 diabetic mice
  5. Pengfei Lv: Autophagy process in skeletal muscle of two kinds of hyperglycemia rats
Oral Presentations:
Metabolic Syndrome & Cardiovascular Risk

Chairman: Wing-Yee So, Ka-Fai Lee

  1. Yuhong Chen: Both serum apolipoprotein B and the apolipoprotein B/apolipoprotein A-I ratio were associated with carotid intima-media thickness
  2. Rong Yang: Serum osteocalcin levels in relation to metabolic syndrome in Chinese postmenopausal women
  3. Kan Sun: Active smoking and risk of metabolic syndrome: a meta-analysis of prospective studies
  4. Shihang Wei: Association between uric acid and metabolic syndrome in geriatric Chinese female
  5. Mingfeng Xia: The joint role of fat mass and lean mass on bone mineral density in a middle-aged and elderly Chinese population
1500 - 1530 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Zeng Zhengpei

Tien-Chun Chang: Graves' Ophthalmopathy:
From Pathogenesis, Clinical Evaluation to Management
1530 - 1600 Tea Break & Award Presentation  
1600 - 1630 Plenary Lecture

Chairman: Clive Cockram

Billy Chow: The Central Actions of Secretin to Regulate Water Balance in Our Body
1630 -1800
Diabetes Complications Symposium

Chairmen: Fen-Yu Tseng, Qiang Li

  1. Chih-Jen Chang: Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy
  2. Sydney Tang: Diabetic Nephropathy: From Bench to Bedside
  3. Guangwai LI: Diabetes and Impaired Glucose Tolerance, Who Drive the Risk of Mortality---Lesson from 23-year Follow-up of Daqing Diabetes Study
  4. Ronald Ma: Genetics of Diabetic Complications
Obesity Symposium

Chairmen: Xiaohui Guo, Sookja Chung

  1. Wei-Shiung Yang: Adiponectin, Cardiometabolic Disorders and Beyond
  2. Aimin Xu: Adipokines in Obesity-related Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Friend or Foe?
  3. Lulu Chen: Adipogenesis/ Lipogenesis and Lipid Storage Imbalance: New Insight into the Mechanism of Insulin Resistance?
  4. Simon Wong: From Bariatric to Metabolic Surgery
1800 - 1900     Annual General Meeting of HKSEMR