Upcoming Meeting

New Era of type 2 diabetes management — How to optimize the usage of latest drugs treatment in elderly patients
30 January 2018
(added on 12 Jan 2018)


Upcoming Event

The 6th Seoul International Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SICEM 2018)
19 to 22 April 2018 in Seoul, Korea
(added on 10 Jan 2018)

Official Website: http://www.sicem.kr/


7th EMSS-Mayo Course in Advanced Endocrinology
February 1-4, 2018, Singapore
(added on 13 Dec 2017)

Official Website
Eligibility: HKSEMR paid up members
Quota: 1
Sponsorship includes: Airfare, registration fee and hotel accommodation


Photos of HKSEMR Social Gathering 2017
(added on 13 Dec 2017)

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The Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction was incorporated on April 26, 1983, originally under the name of The Society for The Study of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction.

It is a non-profit making charitable organization established to promote, foster, develop and assist the academics, medical and allied professionals in the study of and acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge and information concerning endocrinology, metabolism and reproduction.



NEW 7th EMSS-Mayo Course in Advanced Endocrinology, February 1-4, 2018, Singapore
(added on 13 Dec 2017)

Perceptorship on Pituitary Disease, Severance Hospital Authority 27-28 October 2017, Yonsei University-Severance Hospital, Seoul, Korea
(added on 22 Sep 2017)


34th Annual Scientific Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction 2017
(added on 11 Aug 2017)

Multi-specialty Medical Mega Conference 2017
(added on 1 Mar 2017)


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